Who We are

BelliSSSima Tango Shoes is a brilliant reality in the Tango environment, it is present in the Italian and European scene. We create artfully clothing and footwear for the Argentine Tango.

Quality and style

Made in Italy, BelliSSSima tango shoes are entirely handmade by professional artisans.

They have been designed and studied in detail to be comfortable to dance and to last over time. In fact the materials of the BelliSSSima shoes are top quality, carefully selected and assembled with particular attention to detail.

The BelliSSSima collection is made up of hundreds of models for both women and men.

Our team continuously improves the collections both aesthetically and technically and manages to create new models every week, which, of course, you can order and purchase through the online store.

Among the materials, in addition to the classic real leather, you can order shoes in completely vegan material.

A unique passion that translates into a quality product all made in Italy, for a beautiful shoe!


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Viale Londra 32
00142 Roma (Rm)